Hello and welcome back to my blog. I hope that you are all very well. So in today’s blog entry I wanted to talk to you about another passion of mine. Something I love to do in my free time is to drive across rocky and hilly terrain and for this I use a dirt bike. I got my first dirt bike when I was 18 years old and have maintained the hobby ever since then. I’m not sure what got me into dirt biking exactly but I guess I just got a thrill from it. I also live in quite a desolate area that has a lot of rocky and hilly terrain so it is actually very useful having a dirt bike. I have never really got into scrambling myself as I am not so interested in competitive sports but the popularity of scrambling has grown significantly in India over the last few years.



So what exactly is a dirt bike?

Well I guess quite simple put it is an off road motorbike that is built to be fast, lightweight and sturdy. There are several different types of dirt bikes available depending on the type of riding that is being done so touring and racing dirt bikes for example would require slightly different design mechanisms. The main difference between these bikes and a regular motorbike is that they are built with suspension forks and rear shock absorbers for when the bike hits rough and rugged terrains and so that the rider can easily perform and land high jumps to avoid trail obstructions.


My own bike:

The duel sports dirt bike is what I currently have myself. It is a bike designed for on and off road use and makes for the perfect alternative to having either a regular motorbike or a very specific dirt bike. It really is a great source of transport to have for traveling around in India. I can use it whenever I want, whether I am just popping to the shops or traveling longer distance across more unpredictable terrains.


A little more about riding a dirt bike:


Several people I know are quite intimidated by the thought of riding a dirt bike but unless you are participating in scrabbling in which you are looking to ride as fast as you possibly can and perform extremely difficult jumps then you really don’t have that much to worry about. I mean don’t get me wrong some terrains can be quite challenging and you have to know how to handle the bike in order to avoid an accident but that obviously comes with practice and experience. I think it’s important as a beginner to pick your terrain carefully, starting off with something easy and building up to more challenging terrains. You really need to feel confident and in control of the bike in order to have the best and safest experience possible. I think the problem is many younger generations go into dirt biking because they thinks it’s cool and then move too fast. They want to walk before they can ‘ride’ so to speak. I guess that’s why I have always avoided the scrambling circuit and just use my dirt bike for my own pleasure.   


Buying a mini dirt bike:

So the main reason I wanted to talk to you about dirt bikes is actually in regards to my son. He is 14 years old now and seems to have taken an interest in dirt biking as well. Although I am wary somewhat of encouraging this interest because he is still quite young I also do not want to hold him back. I think as long as he is trained properly and supervised at all times then he should be fine! I always think that if you deprive a child of something they want they will seek it out regardless so it is much better to allow it (within reason of course) and just make sure they are always in a safe and comfortable environment. To be honest I am actually quite excited! It will be a great way for me and my son to bond as he is getting to that age now where he won’t want to hang out with his father for much longer! It will be great for the both of us to just take to the road and go on a little adventure somewhere.

Anyway, it is my son’s birthday coming up and as he is a little too small to practice on my bike I have decided to buy him a mini dirt bike as they are much less powerful and easier to manage. So an example of the mini dirt bikes I am talking about can be found at http://www.motosport.com/atv. along with everything else you could possible want to buy to go with your dirt bike. With this in mind I will probably use this site to buy my son such things as a new helmet and leather riding gloves.



In regards to the mini dirt bike itself I think I will most likely go for a second hand one. I guess I’m just thinking that in a few years’ time he will probably grow out of his mini dirt bike and want something bigger and more powerful. After doing some research I came across some mini dirt bikes for sale that were in excellent condition and very reasonably priced. I have never used this site before and am also less familiar with buying smaller dirt bikes so any input you have on this would be greatly appreciated!