It always gets to that time of year where it starts to get a little hotter and you start getting all sticky, the best thing in the world is a fan. “Philip Diehl” was the inventor of the first household celling fan what a genius move in life. These days there are fans everywhere in most households across the world and I have hand some experiences to say the least, once a fan literally blew up in front of me with shards of plastic flying everywhere (easy way to lose an eye) I dint touch it there was no strange noises just bang and everything went wrong but it could have been worse. Also I know a little boy one of my friends sons who put his finger inside the fan and that was very unpleasant, so they could do with a little more child safety, But the majority of fans to do this is very low so still a safe item to have in the home preferably on the celling.

A ceiling fan rotates a lot slower than an average electric desk/stand up fan, celling fans are designed to cool people effectively and efficiently by introducing slow movement of air into the otherwise a still, warm aired room. Fans never cool the air like air-conditioning equipment for obvious reasons, but celling fans also use significantly less power so your electric bills are not to worry about as much as if you was using air-con. Don’t get me wrong in very hot country’s air-conditioning is a blessing in its self when sometimes it’s really needed but, if you give global warming a little thought the fan then also becomes more desirable due to the less power usage which means more efficient in the long run, and more beneficial for the world.   

ceiling fan