Land Rover

Hi there ladies and gents. In this blog post I am going to talk about my latest personal project; the restoration of an old Land Rover. I was recently searching for used second hand Land Rovers for sale online and came across a real bargain in the classified ads. I could not help myself and just had to buy it. It needs a hell of a lot of work doing on it to get it back on the road though if I am being honest. It is definitely going to be a labour of love. Fortunately, used spare parts are abundantly for sale online as the Land Rover, Range Rover and Freelander are some of the longest serving and popular utility vehicles on the planet. It should be relatively cheap to restore. It is going to be rather an enjoyable little project I think. So I am going to use this blog post to talk about Land Rovers in general and share my love of them.

Utility Vehicle

The Land Rover is first and foremost a utility vehicle it has been used by farmers, the military and any other organisation that needs an off road capability since it’s release in 1948. It is a true work horse and has proved itself time and time again. It is a 4 wheel drive vehicle and capable of operating in any terrain imaginable. The interior is usually basic and sparse but totally fit for purpose. But the Land Rover is rugged and capable where it matters, which is in terms of horsepower and brute strength. The Land Rover has proved itself best on the battlefield in service with the British Army and other militaries around the world. Deployed as either the “Snatch” Land Rover or WMIKs (Weapon Mounted Installation Kit) Land Rover, it is an extremely agile and dependable vehicle, perfect for operations of all varieties where mobility is of top priority. All in all, the Land rover is a classic vehicle that has passed the test of time and is respected around the world for its durability, dependability and capability. A true legend of a vehicle.

land rover

Range Rover

In complete contrast, the Range Rover is a total red herring. It serves no real purpose other than to massage the over-inflated egos of those who drive them. It is just a big, flashy, expensive and inefficient waste of time. Known to many as the “Chelsea Tractor”, it is more of a status symbol than a useful vehicle. Far more efficient and yet vastly cheaper vehicles of its elk exist on the market which in effect render the Range Rover obsolete. But yet it continues to sell in droves simply because of its appeal to those who wish to parade themselves in front of others. The irony of it is that a luxury version of a utility vehicle is never going to exude the same style and class as a truly luxurious vehicle such as a Ferrari or Aston Martin, no matter how many bells and whistles you put on it. The Range Rover is mark of motorist with no taste or class. Harsh but true.

Range rover


The Freelander is more affordable and less flashy sports version of the Range Rover. I do not hold the same disdain for the Freelander as i do the Range Rover as it is in no way trying to be something it is not. It is a perfectly acceptable general family version of the Land Rover in my eyes and in no way an insult to the road like the Range Rover.


Spare Parts

As Land Rovers have been sold all around the world it is easy to pick up spare parts online via the classified ads, auction websites and consumer websites. There are also many second hand used parts dealers in most towns and cities around the world. If you want to read more about Land Rover, you could do worse than to check out this website here:


Ok. That is enough from me. I need to get online and start searching for the parts and tools I need to complete the work that needs doing on my Landy! I really can’t wait to get it on the road and I will certainly be posting pics as soon as it is looking a little tidier. Thanks for all the emails that you sent through about my post on dirt bikes. I am glad that you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Ok time for me to sign off folks. I will catch you later. Take care.