Hey everyone, I am happy to welcome you back to my vehicle blog. A good buddy of mine is taking his motorbike on a long road trip from Baltimore to Seattle next month, so I have been spending the better part of these last few weeks helping him get everything ready. He has had to take his bike in for an inspection to make sure nothing was wrong with it, whilst I have volunteered myself to find some motorcycle accessories that will help make his trip more enjoyable. This meant spending time on my favourite used good site, www.used.forsale, where I was able to find plenty of essential add ons for an across the country motorcycle ride.

 Summer Motorcycle Ride


Luggage Racks

If you are planning a longer trip on the back of your motorcycle, luggage racks and luggage containers are a must. You can find some luggage containers that attach straight onto your bike, although most of those are model specific. I’ve found that the best thing to do is purchase varying sizes of luggage racks for the sides and back so that you can use different sized containers if needed. I found a great selection of used luggage racks at http://www.used.forsale/motorcycle-luggage-racks and was able to present my friend with a couple options.

A quick note, when purchasing luggage containers make sure that you account for the space needed for a safety kit.

 Motorcycle Luggage


Extra Mirrors

You might think that you’re such a great driver, why would you need extra mirrors on a road trip? Because unfortunately not everyone else on the road is a great driver. And after having the remains of someone's big mac crash into your bike mirror at 100 kilometres an hour you might need to replace broken mirrors. If you are planning on a serious trip through different climates, consider bringing a couple types of mirrors to help in different weather conditions and circumstances. I found the best selection of used motorcycle mirrors to be on http://www.used.forsale/motorcycle-mirrors and picked up a couple cheap replacements.

  Broken Vehicle Mirror


Pack anything you might need

If you are going to be on a trip with your bike lasting over a week, a good tip is to treat the adventure like its a campervan trip when you start packing. I talked about what makes a campervan trip so great in a previous post which has all the information, but I will summarize it again. You can save money by cooking your own meals and stay closer to points of interest by camping out.

When I go on long trips and plan on staying out exploring I like to use the trip planners on Harley Davidson’s website. It shows places to eat, sleep and look at on your trip route and is great for finding a campground in the middle of nowhere.


Start Your Engines!

Once your bike has been inspected and you have all the additional parts you will need, it's time to ride. Make sure to let friends and family know where you will be travelling to, and keep a record of your trip with someone close. If anyone is heading on a motorcycle trip anytime soon, let me know in the comments if there is anything else you did before leaving. Have a good one everybody, I will speak to you again soon.