No such thing as M.O.T…


Hello again everyone welcome back and it is great to be back! Today I want to speak about my trip to Cambodia and the vehicles or what was left of the vehicles I come across. When traveling around Cambodia you see loads of mad-mad things that you don’t see in the western world. Going to SEA for the first time was a huge shock to the system seeing 9 double mattresses on one small semi auto motorbikes. But the best of it was the cars, they will keep their cars running forever they just keep fixing them and fixing them until there is just a shell left. The best one had to be a ford pick-up truck and you could see the engine and there was no roof, window screen just a back to carry goods.

I personally rented a 4x4 Lexus while I was there to drive up the mountains and to the other towns which are further away than expected. The Lexus must have broken down about 5 times and that was on a 130km gurney to a beautiful little town called “Kampot” I must admit this was my favourite part of Cambodia. Back to the vehicles, I rented a 250 4 stroke Baja to go off road while I was there this was one of the more successful journeys out there with no break downs and beautiful open Cambodian scenery. All I can say is, if you ever travel to Cambodia or take a holiday and you want to travel around in your rented vehicle just be ready for the break downs and unexpected/unwanted happenings.

Off Road in Cambodia