Old School BMW

I am a lover of BMW from when I can remember to this day now with their outstanding track record of beastly yet beautiful and elegant design. The 1995 BMW M3 has to be one of my favourites it has that old school squared off look and for its day the handling was outstanding, and don’t get me started on the rear wheel drive which is just awesome especially when you want to go sideways around a corner. You got to remember back then there was no assisted steering or anti-lock brake systems just bob standard drum brakes. A lot of people started using these cars for racing because you can easily strip them out to make them a lot lighter and the amount of mods you can do to the 1995 M3, speechless. This is the main reason a lot of people go for the model and age due to the amount of things you can do, it’s like a Lego set for a fully grown mechanic.

Ever since 1995 people still to this day keep these cars in immaculate condition, tune them up and add body kits, some still look like they just came out of a show room. But there is the other side of the story these are old cars and do take some looking after, they are known for ECU failure, bearings sees up and then the obvious engine mileage problem that you will get along the way. At the end of the day the experience alone is worth the work! You do end up putting more into the car than it is worth but it’s all about taste and what the person themselves want. I wonder how many other BMW enthusiasts are out there now that share the same passion as me when it comes to our vehicles.  


M3 1995