Hey everyone, I am happy to welcome you all to my vehicles blog. I have been keeping up with the latest connected car technology, and I saw some stuff being developed by General Motors that is just insane. The technical center for GM is located in a suburb in Detroit called Warren, but that is not where they are developing this groundbreaking technology. They are developing it on the public streets all over town. Working with some state and county transportation agencies, there are intersections in Detroit that have had their traffic lights ‘improved’. General Motors has afixed these lights with some brand new technology that will send information to the vehicles allowing the drivers the chance to better avoid situations that would require them to brake quickly or race to beat a yellow light. 

At this point, the company is only using certain Cadillac CTS sedans to receive this real time information. This information is sent to the cars via a DSRC frequency, better known as Dedicated Short Range Communications. Right now, the federal government is in the last stages of making rules to mandate new vehicles carrying equipment that can send and receive DSRC signals among a multitude of other things. These signals could help with sending critical safety messages and information about potential road closures, hazards and of course, yellow lights. Having the vehicles communicate with infrastructure such as road lights is a more technical part of the plan, but ones that are ultimately vital. This can also allow the infrastructure to change for the benefit of drivers, such as a late night traffic light with no one at it will no longer require people to wait forever as the light will sense that no cars are coming and change the light for the unlucky driver stuck there.

cadillac and traffic lights