Hey everyone, welcome back to my vehicles and motors blog. I am sure you have all heard the new lately about the now former CEO of Uber; Travis Kalanick stepping down from his position with the company after pressure from top investor. I thought this was kinda crazy, he has been very outspoken lately but I would not say he has damaged the brand at all, at least any more than the rest of the company has. 

This tops off just a longlist of unfortunate events that have been been involving the gigantic ride-sharing platform. Last month their autonomous division executive lost his position after a lawsuit that alleged he took secret documents before joining Uber. In March, former employees opened up about a workplace culture that is focused around secual harrasment, locker room style talk and gender bias. And now we have Kalanick taking an “indefinite leave of absence” which we all know means he will be letting go of his official titles with the company. 

The resignation was first reported by the New York Times and seemingly was the result of a letter from the top five Uber investors. The letter was titled moving Uber forwards and said in plain writing that they demanded Kalanick resign and hand over the title of CEO that he has held since the company's inception. There is so heir apparent for the position, and having a company that is worth over $65 billion and with over 14,000 employees and even more drivers having no one calling the shots seems a little strange, but that is the norm for this company at the moment.

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