Types of Bikes 

Why hello there people,welcome back to my sporting blog. As many of you know I am an avid bicyclist, and as most bicyclists I get excited when I see new bikes. So when I saw a bike sale online I had to immediately check it out. I saw so many cool bikes for sale, from tricycles for the kids to some serious mountain bikes. I know that when you are deciding on what bike to spend your hard earned money on it can be difficult with all the choices out there. Not only are their different brands, but also different types of bikes for different environments and for different activities entirely. That’s why I decided to compile a little buyers guide for bikes, detailing that types and what they are used for most often. We will start with the most basic; the tricycle. 


Living in Asia, I see tricycles all the time however they are not the ones you see little Jimmy riding around the neighbourhood in. Rickshaw style passenger tricycles are a big thing in Asia, being one of the oldest forms of paid transportation. Some of these bikes are quite proper, however those are not the type you would see here. These are basically a bicycle with the back wheel and frame removed and replaced with wagon style wheels.Sometimes a cord resembling a coat hanger is used as a makeshift brake, being tied to various things around the wheel. The ones you buy online however are i much better shape, and usually have all three wheels original with no signs of cheap welding anywhere. 

Rickshaw Tricycle


BMX Bikes 

BMX is short for bicycles motocross, a type of extreme bicycle sport. These are the kind of bikes you see teenagers riding around, usually lower to the ground with more prominent front forks. These are sometimes seen as the Land Rover of bikes, being so customizable so easily that people can easily become jealous. These bikes are designed for tricks mostly, and if you take a trip down to the local skate park you will most likely see a half dozen kids attempting some tricks on their BMX’s. 

Mountain Bikes 

Growing up outside of the Rocky Mountains, everyone had a mountain bike. Some of these bikes can be very expensive now, with over 15 gears for each tire and more safety gear than a school assembly. These things have wider tires than most bicycles, and as such are capable of climbing some steep and sometimes very dangerous terrain. When I went back home over the summer I even noticed people with this new type of mountain bike tire that was about 5 inches wide. I can imagine you can get up a mountain fairly fast with those. These are also the perfect type of bicycle for a camper van trip. 

Big Tire Mountain Bike


Foldable Bikes 

A new type of bicycle that has bunny-hopped onto the scene in the last couple years in the foldable bike. These bikes are designed for the active commuter who has to bike 5 miles to catch their bike to work. The bikes are designed to fold up on the spot in seconds/minutes, allowing you to place it on the bike rack of a bus or even carry it with you. This is also helpful for travelling long distances with your bike as some types can be fit into a backpack. I almost brought one back to Asia as you can buy them everywhere, even Walmart but I already had enough stuff in my bags. 

Road Bikes 

Road Bike are made for one thing-going fast. Designed to be used on paved/low resistance dirt roads these are the kinds of bikes you see people using in the Tour de France or any other bike race. This is the perfect bike for a fitness lover, allowing you to just ride as far as you can and not worry about many intricacies. 

CycloCross Bikes 

CycloCross bicycles are essentially special road bike that are able to ride comfortably on many different surfaces including grass and dirt trails. CycloCross bikes are almost identical visually to Road Bikes, with the exception of wider tires to allow more traction on more uneven terrain but this is in exchange for less control on paved surfaces. They are also capable of carrying a light load, unlike Road Bikes. 

Fixed Gear Bike 

These bikes are not meant for riding around on, but instead for the hardcore cycling workout freak. These bikes are meant to be used on a sloped, oval banked track specifically used for bicycle racing. These bikes have only a single gear and lack the ability to coast, meaning that for the bike to move your legs have to move. Definitely a bike for the work out fanatic. 


Well those are some of the more popular bicycles you can find for sale. I tried to include as many real athletic bikes to keep you fitness fans happy. Take it easy guys, see you next week. 

Fixed Gear Bike