Weirdest Things you Can Buy With Vehicle Emblems 

Greetings and salutations everyone, welcome back to my vehicles and motors blog. As some of you may remember from my BMW post, I like driving my BMW and I like making sure it looks good. I keep all these emblems on it looking pristine, and have tried to only use official add ons so that I get more and more emblems. The other day I even took a look online and found a BMW belt buckle from that I where around all the time now. This buckle made me wonder though, what else could you get with a vehicle emblem on it? Turns out a lot. Here are some of the weirdest things you can buy online with a vehicle emblem on them.

 vehicle emblems 

Ford Keyring

It might not seem that strange that you can buy a keyring with the Ford logo on it, but you need to look at the ignition for a Ford vehicle. Ford is well known for having some of the least secure lock cylinders in the vehicle world, as well as having very easy to pick lock cylinders. For this reason, the gigantic Ford keyrings that you can buy used at are very strange. Some of these keyrings must weigh at least 15 ounces, and that is way way too much stress for your lock. Plus, I’m not going to get a keyring with my car emblem on it until it’s made by Tiffany. It might look a little excessive, but I think it would make me take better care of my keys!

 Ford Keyring

BMW Emblem

Yea, apparently you can just buy BMW emblems. Some are ones that were taken off BMWs that were heading to the scrap yard, but some are really weird sizes and materials. Take a look for yourself, there are lots of weird BMW emblems for sale on and some are blatanly made in a factory somewhere in China. I don’t know who is making these or more importantly who is buying them, but this is one of the weirder things I have found. I understand wanting to get a replacement emblem if the one for your car gets damaged, but I don’t understand wanting to have other things adorned with it. Well, except a belt buckle.

 weird bmw emblem 

Send me anything you find!

If you guys see anything strange that is covered in vehicle emblems, take a picture and send it to me! I would love to see what kind of stuff you guys find out in the world. I hope that this was an enjoyable post for everyone, I really had fun researching for it and writing it. If you want to read a post from me that is similar to this one, but not this one, then check out my post on used bugattis. Have a great weekend everyone, and I will be back again soon.